This section is a working compilation of relevant articles, speeches, chapters, manifestos and opinion papers by scholars, intellectuals and prominent Lebanese public figures and organizations. The contents of this section reflect the personal opinions of their authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Lebanon Renaissance Foundation.


>Halte au mépris de l’État libanais !Lamia Moubayed Bissat, L’Orient le Jour, September 30 2017 >Why are Lebanese so silent? Nadine Mazloum 2016 >The Beirut Declaration on Religious FreedomMakassed Association - June20, 2015 >Neutrality of Switzerland and Austria and their Applicability to Lebanon?The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) – November 20, 2013 >نداء المبادرة المدنية لقيام الدولة٢٥تشرين الأول ٢٠١٣ >Premises and Positions: Lebanese (Shia) Address the LebanesePetition June 17, 2013 >We Have the Right Founding charter of a new political group that was never launched - November 2011 >The New Hezbollah ManifestoNovember 2009 >The Negative Face of the Lebanese Education SystemNemer Frayha, 2009 >Together for the Salvation of LebanonManifesto by March 14 Alliance, 2008 >دعوة الى الحوار حول تجديد العقد الاجتماعي بين اللبنانيين وإقامة الدولة المدنية2006 عريضة موقّعة من عددٍ من المثقّفين والناشطين والسياسيي >An Appeal for Dialogue on the Renewal of the Social Contract Between the LebanesePetition by various scholars, activists and politicians, 2006 >Le Liban est un rosier sauvageAmin Maalouf, Pour la soirée de Reporters sans frontières, Musée d'Orsay, 2006 >بيان الحلمسمير قصير, النهار 2004 >The Dream StatementSamir Kassir, An-Nahar 2004 >اعلان بيروت2004 عريضة موقّعة من عددٍ من المثقّفين والناشطين والسياسيي >The Beirut DeclarationLebanese Intellectuals, 2004 >The Wrath of the UniversitySelim Abou, 2002 >بيان الحلم الوصايا: موضوع إلغاء الطائفيّة السياسية في لبنانالإمام الشيخ محمد مهدي شمس الدين, 2001 >Réflexions à Propos d'un ÉtatFouad Boutros, 1988 >E Pluribus Plura or E Pluribus UnumSamih Farsoun, 1988 >لبنان في واقعه ومرتجاهكمال جنبلاط, 1956 >Lebanon In the World - Future ProspectsMichel Chiha, 1951 >Deux Négations ne Font pas une NationGeorges Naccache, 1949 >The Centrality of FreedomCharles Malik, 1946 >Pity the NationGibran Khalil Gibran, 1933