We develop and support educational programs that promote change in social, political and cultural fields. We also conceive and produce awareness campaigns aimed at educating the public about key issues as highlighted in our objectives.


University of Utah Students' Briefing
Washington, DC – March 25 2010

The Lebanon Renaissance Foundation hosted a group of grad-students from the University of Utah who represented Lebanon at the Model Arab League conference – a student leadership program developed by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations with selected U.S. Universities.
The briefing offered perspectives on key Lebanese issues and prepared the students to represent Lebanon in a 3-day mock Arab League Summit held at Georgetown where students debated issues related to the Middle East region with teams from other universities. Each team represented a different Arab league country. Students were offered a lesson on “Lebanon 101” followed by a Q&A session. Topics discussed included:

  • Lebanese policies and diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.
  • Assessment of civil society initiatives in Lebanon.
  • Environmental initiatives in the Lebanese public agenda.
  • The Lebanese banking system and its resiliency to the current world financial crisis.


Related Materials

Study & Fact Finding Visit
Beirut – February 12-17 2009

Lebanon Renaissance Foundation organized a study & fact finding visit to Lebanon for 11 leading journalists and thought leaders from over 20 institutions. The delegation, composed of different nationalities, visited a number of prominent Lebanese figures and organizations, including politicians, scholars and civil society groups.  The visit’s main objective was to offer the delegation a better understanding about Lebanon’s political, social and cultural realities.

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